Trigger Point Therapy


What is a trigger point?

Every structure in the body — organs, muscles, nerves, blood vessels, etc. — is covered in a layer of fascia. Fascia allows everything to run smoothly and slide without friction. When we over stress our muscles, whether through overuse or trauma, our layers of fascia can get tears in them. When the tears don’t heal properly, the various layers of fascia in your body can adhere together and create trigger points which will cause pain and discomfort. These trigger points lead to an increase in muscle stiffness and tenderness and a decrease in range-of-motion.

What is foam rolling?

When we put pressure on these trigger points, they are released, and we can get back to optimal physical performance. One way to do this is through foam rolling which involves using body weight pressure across a roller in an effort to get rid of these adhesions or trigger points. When compression is applied to an area, blood meant for particular tissues will first be obstructed, and then when the pressure is removed nutrient rich blood will rush to the area to begin the healing process. Compression can help to decrease pain. By decreasing pain and increasing the quality of the muscle, there will be more range of motion at each joint which will lead to more efficient movement. Foam rolling also increases flexibility, helps in preventing injuries and reduces soreness from workouts. 


Flock Fitness offers 30 minute sessions from a Personal Trainer who is trained in Foam Rolling and Myofascial Compression Techniques. You will learn how and when to use a foam roller.  I recommend the Trigger Point Grid Foam Rollers. These can be purchased online or at most sporting good stores.